‘Tis the season: Where I celebrate the traditional Santa Dash and set out a draft plan 3/100

No festive season would be complete without at least one Santa Dash #FACT. Indeed, it was difficult to choose just one, given the plethora of options, but next week’s has a twist so watch this space!

I mentioned earlier that this #100for100 project was born of many things, one of which is the desire to be a good friend, and support others in their goals. Given that there are not enough hours in the day, these things need to be combined into one handy festive package (or non-festive, depending on the time of year). So it was that a group of smiling Santas arrived at Clapham common early one morning for the enthusiastic warm-up in front of the bandstand. We jingled and rocked our way about, before the wonderfully excited announcer counted down to the start of the 10k. And then counted down again. And again…the sled-load of Santas was so great that it took us 10 minutes to get to the start line, and then we pranced along for a while waiting for the pack to thin out and for our little group to be given free rein(deer) (sorry, I’ll stop now!).

Everyone had a different goal, variously; to have fun and get out of the house, to run the race without the ‘one size fits all’ trousers falling off, to run the whole 10k without stopping, to keep smiling, and not to loose any part of the outfit. One of our friends is petite, and always immaculate. She somehow managed to wear the beard correctly the whole way round, and finish looking as though she had just been dressed for some sort of festive couture photo shoot. The rest of us were in various stages of disarray (although even we wondered what on earth those guys had done to split their giant Santa trousers). Next time we will definitely bring more pins! However, we all ran the whole way, everyone was smiling, no pieces of costume were actually lost, and the (non-alcoholic) hot cider and brownies at the end were delicious. All in all a resounding success.

It has been pointed out to me that I should signpost the upcoming races/events/challenges, so that everyone knows what is happening. This is a great idea, and I have added a draft list below as a start. A friend has prepared a giant wall calendar that goes all the way to April 2018. It is even laminated so things can be changed if needed #loveit #stationarygeek and I now just have to get it home so that it can be filled in and added to the blog! The current plan is to check whether it fits in my yoga-mat-bag so I can just cycle back with it one evening. To date, this logistical challenge is the only drawback I have identified with the cycle/run commute/life plan. Every so often I would just really like for someone to say ‘I’ll give you a lift to help with that’. It is usually just a fleeting thought though, and shopping, outdoor kit, and even cupcakes make their way across the city/country in the end, and I get to practice my balancing/packing skills. It’s all training for something!

The draft plan so far:

November 2016: Istanbul Marathon, Gallipoli Virtual Poppy run

December 2016: 10k Santa Dash, 10k Kidnapped Santa, Boxing Day run in Chester (and the 10 mile run there and back), Coed y Brenin social half marathon (if I can get a lift) (possible New Year’s eve Brutal if I can get there!)

January 2017:  Looking for something for New Year’s day, Virtual runner uk ‘resolution run(s)’…spaces left in January – suggestions/invitations on a virtual postcard please.

February 2016: El Cruce Columbia, something Valentine-y, possible Richmond half, Dash for the Splash.

March 2016: Hampton Court half, looking at a tough mudder?

April 2016: Potential Dawn Chasers 12 hour night trail run, Great Lakeland 3 day orienteering event (if my partner in crime can be convinced to join me…or any other crazy people out there who would like to form a gang)

May 2016: Star Wars Day virtual run, HEROES ULTRA (that is me being excited!!), haven’t thought of anything else in May as I am too excited about being a hero (ahem, or actually being terrified).

June 2016: Possible SW50

July 2016: Trailwalker 100k, Snowdonia trail marathon

August – October 2016: TBC


November 2016: Beacons Ultra

December 2017 – March 2018: TBC

April 2018: MdS

I am going to have to find some cheap/free challenges too, and am going to make a big part of this getting other people out to participate in things that they have not tried yet. So I am planning to take some friends out hill-walking and wild camping, will definitely be dressing as some wild and wacky things, and may do some North American kayaking events too. Running partners (even virtual ones!), ideas, lifts, and fundraising suggestions are all massively welcomed.

I have not yet linked to a fundraising website as I have heard mixed reviews about several of them, so any feedback on the main ones, or on linking directly to a charity website would also be really helpful.


5 thoughts on “‘Tis the season: Where I celebrate the traditional Santa Dash and set out a draft plan 3/100

  1. I loved reading about the spirit of this event. There is a local event called the “Santa Shuffle” which is a fundraiser for the Salvation Army. So far I have I have not been able to fit it in. After reading your post and the fun atmosphere, I think it now is a must.

    An incredible draft plan taking you right into next November.. Well done Hannah. Wish you a great running year in 2017! 🙂


      1. Thanks Hannah, yeah I really should fit this one in. There probably won’t be as many events this year due to time and money constraints, but still some exciting things in the works! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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