Having now pretty-much-thoroughly arrived in the UK (its a mental thing, not just physical), I decided to participate in the mass challenge to restart the year: Jantastic! Unfortunately this year Marathon Talk are not running it (understandable given the mass of logistics involved), but that doesn’t mean we cannot add our own goals, and hold ourselves to account here. Ok, ok, that may be the Royal ‘We’, but I may meet some others along the way.

So I am going with the way it worked last year in order to kick-start this year, with the aim of 2016 miles in 2016. As I think in Km, that will be 3244Km, or an average of 9km per day.

I was hesitant to put this out there previously as the back of my ankle was sore and the Internet seemed to suggest it would be Achilles Tendonitis. Heat, cold, massage, heat again, and then a 10km cycle to a 10km trail run through the rain and mud and lovely scenery of Wimbledon Common, followed by a session of hot yoga. Rinse and repeat. I’m tentatively cautious that it is actually ok. Watch this space.

Grumbling about London aside, the Common really is a great place to run, at whatever time of day. I’m building up to linking in Richmond Park from the northern section of the run. I haven’t previously because of the (excuse of the) tedious pavement section to and from the common, which is fine for mixing things up, but really never as much fun as trails and mud (so much easier on one’s knees as well). That will be great for the long runs.

However, in order to meet this year’s goal and train for all the hilly races looming on the horizon, I will have to do some hill workouts, probably on a treadmill as there is no Mountain Spring or quebrada de la vieja near me in London.

While definitely linked to the whole training theme,  that was also an ‘I MISS YOU GUYS’, shouted across the cloud.

From now on then:

1. 6 January-2 February are all about consistency. Set a target number of runs per week that you are going to commit to.

2. 3 February- 2 March: Set a personal target for the number of runs each week and also the distance of a weekly longest run.

3. 3 March-30 March: Set a personal target for the number of runs you’ll do each week, the distance of each week’s longest run, and also your predicted time for flat-out effort over a race, park run or even one of your favourite training routes.









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