Ring of Fire

Not just the best of Johnny Cash (or Dave!), not just an area in the Pacific Ocean with lots of volcanoes (obviously what came to mind first!), this is also an ultramarathon that circumnavigates Anglesey in North Wales.

Why does this come up? Well, there were some bad days, there was some good advice (from all over the world, thanks guys!), and I got back to my running and workout schedule (wooo). In fact, it turns out that the patio where we have been doing the insanity workouts…has an audience! I can just imagine the scene, no wait, I am the scene. Fabulous!

angleseyI have taken on that which could be considered criticism, and will attempt to assimilate it,  and will set aside the parts that were just ‘mis-talking’ or mean. Aaaannnddd I have some new challenges to focus on. Did they arrive from thin air? Of course not. I had lunch with a friend and he brought along a guy who quite literally eats ultras for breakfast. He brought out a paper at one point and I jokingly asked if it were his diary. Well it turns out that it was, or more exactly, a schedule of the year with all the races and adventure trips and training weeks in foreign climes mapped out. I was impressed and inspired and we came away from lunch with a mountain biking challenge, a running weekend (you know, two 35ish mile days back to back. Simple), and at least one, if not three ultramarathon races for the upcoming year. One of these is the Ring O’Fire ultramarathon. This fits my long term plan, is local-ish, multi-day, hilly, in a beautiful location, and really really hard.

Just over a year to prepare, this will be an interesting journey, and it has to start here.


After this enlightening day, I made my way across the city to find Double Threat Skates, the roller derby girls ran skate shop, where I was met by a really lovely group of women from the far-flung reaches of the globe, brought together in this cosmopolitan metropolis by their love for a sport, and for their constructed community.

They told me about the London Open Roller Derby Skate on Fridays, the London RollerGirls and the London Rockin Rollers, as well as the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association wftda.com.

Watch this space!London_Rollergirls_(LOGO_WHITEOUT_small)


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