“Every man carries within him a world which is composed of all that he has seen and loved, and to which he constantly returns, even when he is travelling through, and seems to be living in, some different world” – Chateaubriand

Sometimes that means that we respond to happenings in ways that are actually responses to past events. This can feel confusing, frustrating, sad (and a logical argument can be made for taking the negative perspective, because that is the ‘logical’ way to look at the situation right?). BUT fear not, because it also means that there is a world of beauty and community there within, waiting to work towards solutions and forge new paths, and that with a little self awareness, a short time is all that is needed to put things into perspective. This is what it means to live in technicolour…a curse or a blessing, it is usually best to just run with it.

energy-vampires_1The best way to fight the negativity and ridiculousness of the haters, is not to bow to their demands that you be less you in order to stop making them feel inadequate (or just because they don’t like people in general, or they don’t like people who enjoy doing different things. Whatever the reason). The best thing is just to remember what it is that makes you feel alive and get right back to it!

So what is the plan? The plan is to be AMAZING! (closely followed by the original plan a la Tacho, which was, and always will be, ‘not to die’. EDIT: This was not Tach…oh no! But it is still the plan).

I have been thinking about this (see previous post for reasons why) a lot in the past week. I let myself be upset for a couple of days and then just had to face facts. This is how the world works and if you do well at anything, some people will feel threatened. When I prepared myself and calmly spoke to my boss about it, he said that the person in question probably just mis-spoke, and that really they were trying to be helpful. *pauses from typing to do some deep breathing and have a sip of coffee*. As I know that he means well, I decided to take that at face value and just look for other challenges and opportunities. If I cannot see anything positive in the future by the end of 5 months, I will start thinking of other options. Those could be academic, sporting, life, or work related, I will know when I have got to that point. Even making this decision has made me feel a lot more positive about things to come!

Last night I met up with a friend and we ran 8.5 km (on the hottest day since the last hottest day ever) and then did an insanity core workout on her patio. It was really really really hot and at times it felt like we were running through molasses…but it felt so good to laugh and run and jump about and be tired. I cycled home, dripping in sweat, and definitely savoured the shower at the end!

Ages ago I signed up for the North Downs Way Marathon, and I have to admit that in the past couple of weeks I was wondering whether I would go ahead with it. I think I should. It will be a really pretty course and it is not a main event for me, more of an interim challenge before the autumn series of marathons and ultras begin (that terrify and draw me in equal measures). It takes place on the 19th of July, which is nicely in the middle of all the crazy summer activities and trips that are upcoming. It will get me out on the trails, and remind me of the things I love about running – the places, the people, how great it feels to push myself.  I think that I just have to bite the bullet and join a club. Forget being shy, I just need to put my game face on and rock up…by definition the people I meet there will be positive about running right?!

Any encouragement welcome right about now!


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