Choices choices choices: request for a partner in crime

This week the inscriptions for the Cruce Columbia; a multi stage race that crosses the mountains between Chile and Argentina during the austral summer (February to be exact) open for individuals and teams. singletons run on different days than the teams, so it is important to get it right. In addition, there is the slight matter of the $870 entrance fee and then of course, the flights and onward travel to Argentina.

Many months ago I wrote the date in my diary ‘check inscriptions for Cruce Columbia’ *smiley face*. But in the cold light of reality (London costs a lot more than Bogotá did), I am now questioning whether I should be flying back to Latin America for a fully supported multi-day race (but it is in the Andes, my beautiful cordillera, I  miss it so much), when Europe and the East have so much to offer.

My three year plan does call for me to do a multi-day event next year (see Marathon des Sables before 40). I would like to use this to explore the world some more, but I don’t seem to be able to apply hard logic to the planning. I tell myself that I should be looking closer to home, and find myself considering ultras in Vietnam and Turkey (to be fair, Turkey would work right?). The Vietnam one isn’t even a multi-day, it is just an excuse to go there!

So I would like to put out a call to run. Someone who will sign up for a multi-day race in 2016. With me.

I would like the location to be beautiful and challenging, and I don’t mind if I’m not living in the same place as you, as long as we can arrive at the race and push our limits a little.

Do you know someone who is in the same position? Send them my way/me their way.

Suggestions on a postcard*

*Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, email, on a post-it, in person all accepted


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